What is data science?

It is a way to get a significant amount of data from any kind or source, that would not make any sense from a human eye perspective, then use some serious computation tools to run sophisticated and complex algorithms to clean, categorize, map, reduce, aggregate, analyse, simulate and predict the behave of the natural flow of the thing where the data came from at the first place as well to find detailed relations to it at the real world.

How can data science help?

Combined with the business knowledge and expertise, it can build models that simulate the behaviour of a thing in a set of conditions. That “thing” can be pretty much anything with historical data. The first thing that comes to mind is users on a website. However, models can be built and applied to a variety of business areas like stock-taking over time, for example, to better know the purchasing cash flow or the use of machinery to predict a failure and avoid it in advance. It can bring up insights to help on taking decisions and building strategies for the future.

What we do

Our mission is to make Data Science available and easy for all small and medium businesses.
Machine Learning, Statistics and Math applied to data might sound expensive and overwhelming from a small company perspective.
We want to change that. We are engaged and focused on making Data Science affordable and simple.

What we have

We are building a Data Platform for normal people. We help you to connect it to your data sources, we design and train algorithms over your data looking for insights, results, predictions, and everything in between. You can use our own dashboard to visualize what is going on or pull the results into your systems using our API as well setup triggers to push events into your systems using webhooks.

We are hiring

We are always on the hunt for right enthusiastic talented individuals to join our team.

We work remotely. We would see each other in person very rarely. That means you must be a ninja in managing yourself and your tasks.

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